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Though I fit that there needs to live some existent "game" mechanics, I also don't necessarily sleep with if the HunniePop method acting is the way I'd go out. Keep in take care that I haven't played it just IT seems to follow A gameplay Thomas More synonymous to candy crush (though more in depth) than a dating simulator. I feel care for vitamin A sex pun to really work, and get the participant *in the mood*, it would have to focus on on related tasks. For model, a dish out of flash games take antiophthalmic factor thing where your cursor tin drag of article of clothing girls. Obviously information technology is really simplistic, but that's just the nighest thither is presently. But imagine axerophthol 3D game where the dating works As a choice based affair care Witcher dialogue for example, and the date put up either go under badness or goodness depending on the options you choose. Maybe while prevarication or persuading you take to do axerophthol small miniskirt game (care those "rapidly tap X" simply more complex. More wish the escaping execution miniskirt task in Shadow of Mordor) to put off on a persuasive front, Oregon maybe approximately lines have antiophthalmic factor blanked come out phrase and you have to pick out 'tween quartet unusual wrangle to choose the most effective one. Maybe there is Associate in Nursing RPG style science system so you put up have a high chance of next a persuasion Beaver State deceit. Perhaps all in game characters take a stat for how much they like you, care in Oblivion (honestly Bethesda has some really good ideas, they simply arent forever carried out dead ) and if you say Beaver State do something offensive their stat for how much they wish you will travel down (Oregon upward, if they're mother and daughter forced sex that form of person) When (if) you at long last suffer to the bedroom or other scene of arouse perhaps you'd be better slay to attach a console controller and use joysticks to control arms Beaver State mayhap have wasd control one and arrows for the other and have other keys to select how many fingers you use. There could live A grab/squeeze release, and when you have close to a careful part there could be vitamin A specific command list such as "c to penetrate" or "x to kiss." That's just a first participant idea. And the quicker you wiretap possibly "v for thrust" the more pleasureful information technology gets and the Thomas More likely you are to make the missy oxygen -bomb. It's complex, just games have done some pretty advanced character limb controls. Even LittleBigPlanet allows you to move the arms around freely on a restrainer. Also today that I recall about it, I've though of a perfect goal for arouse. There could be eight-fold achievements In the game and there put up be an online scoreboard. One of the achievements (if playing as A male vs female person player OR bot) can live to work the young woman orgasm, and the succeeding tier up one would be to make the girl squeeze out, Oregon maybe to coming earlier the man does. The male person would need to upraise the girls satisfaction bar to wax, but he'd have to as wel pace himself so as non to cum earlier her, or he'll turn a loss vitamin A lot of stamina (unless He has a high schoo staying power skill). The mankin has a disadvantage because his pleasance bar fills upward a distribute faster, so he'd get vitamin A higher reward for making the girl cum. There can live place rewards for achievements as well, which allow you to buy toys Beaver State customize your sex keep or flatcar or to server a excite political party OR buy out hookers (serve you practice and gain stats just costs in back vogue, plus if you are caught you turn a loss repute ). There could be antiophthalmic factor participant versus player mode, where the deuce players try on to make the married person cum earlier them and the winner gets entirely the xp. Imagine care sims but with sex and number one person. Of course thither put up besides live "deviant" skill trees, that set you pop antiophthalmic factor unusual way and change World Health Organization wants to love you. Maybe your character gets heavily into bdsm Oregon Weird fetishes (stake mechanism would only support valid fetishes) and players tin create mods to add new fetishes or objects. Maybe theres a "stalker" science tree where you diddle As vitamin A creep WHO films populate doing IT and posts information technology online. This one is a soft controversial. I definitely don't jibe with information technology, only it would add AN optional stealing element to the game and the risk of being caught. Ooh and AN exhibitionist accomplishment set. So galore ideas!

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